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SOWK Course Override Request Form


  • Please note all items with an asterisk (*) are required fields. You will not be able to submit your request until all items are completed.
  • Within 24 hours of receiving override approval, it is your responsibility to register for your specified course(s). Failure to act promptly may result in not being able to register for the course. Space is not guaranteed.
  • It is your responsibility to register for your specified course(s) within 24 hours of receiving override approval.
  • Overrides are provided in the order of requests received. (During high volume times it may take longer.)
  • Overrides will not be approved until registration formally opens.
  • Closed Course Overrides will not be accommodated through this form.

Do not use this form for:

  • Closed Course Override Requests : please email the with your request

  • Field practicum course overrides: Field sections are assigned and you will be notified what section to register for by the field office. If you have concerns, please email

  • BSW Core Course Overrides: If you are having issues registering for your phase II core courses and are eligible for registration/within your registration window; then please email the

Students emailing the BSW or Field Office will be required to include their full name, Student ID Number, and professional explanation of their request. Emails without this information will not be processed.

SUMMER COURSES DO NOT REQUIRE A DEPARTMENT OVERRIDE. Please do not submit a form for summer courses.

Major/ Minor *
(i.e., SOWK 3312.002 14205) Failure to list CRN will result in your request not being processed.

Where to find Course information?

Course subjects, numbers, sections and CRN information can be found CatsWeb.

Before you submit:

Failure to include all information required and correct course number, section and CRN will result in your request not being processed.