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Request to Register for MSW Course (Non-Social Work Graduate Students)

Request for Social Work Courses

Master of Social Work (MSW) courses are required for students in the MSW program; therefore, course enrollment priority is given to Social Work majors.

Non-Social Work majors are allowed to register for electives and foundation level courses. Approval to register will be based on available seats and if the course(s) are offered in the semester requested. In addition, on-campus students will receive approval to register for on-campus courses, unless the course is only offered in an online format.

If you are not a student enrolled in the MSW program, proceed with your request as follows:

  • Include your official name per university records.
  • If you use a name other than your official university name, please add it in parentheses after your official name. Example: Elizabeth Smith (Lisa Smith Jones)
  • Student ID number (A0XXXXXXX)
  • Course number and CRN of the specific course you are requesting.

Please Note:

  • Allow ten days for processing of your request.
  • Submitting a request for a MSW course does not constitute that a “seat” is available and your request approved.
  • The School of Social Work plans the maximum number of "seats" available in all courses (online courses included) based on the number of Social Work students that need the course.
  • There are no “extra” spots held in reserve. Therefore, if course enrollment reaches maximum capacity your request will be denied.
  • Only on-campus course requests will be considered unless online is the only instructional format for a course.


The School of Social Work has identified the following MSW courses that may be taken by students from other graduate programs. Course descriptions can be found under the MSW Program tab above and in the Graduate Catalog.

SOWK 5301:School Social Work
SOWK 5302:Hip Hop and Social Justice for Individual and Community Change

SOWK 5303:

Spirituality in Social Work Practice

SOWK 5304:Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research & Practice

SOWK 5308:

Human Behavior in Individual and Family Social Environments

SOWK 5309:

Human Behavior in Local and Global Social Environments

SOWK 5310:

Social Welfare Policy and Services

SOWK 5312:

Social Work Intervention in Drug Addiction & Abuse

SOWK 5315:

Social Work Intervention in Child Abuse & Neglect

SOWK 5317:

Social Work Research

SOWK 5328:

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

SOWK 5332:

Helping Troops Transition Back to their Families and Communities: The Invisible Wounds of War

SOWK 5300E:

Social Work and Health Care

SOWK 5300F:

International Social Work

SOWK 5300J:Trauma Informed Care
SOWK 5300N:Social Work Criminal Justice 

Please note:

  • Do not use this form to request registration approval for a class at capacity.
  • Do NOT use this form if you are a MSW student.
  • Do not use this form without checking CatsWeb to see if the course you are requesting is being offered.
  • Allow ten days to process your request.


All items with an asterisk (*) are required fields. You will not be able to submit your request until all items are completed.


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