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Status Change Request

Students are expected to maintain their degree plan as outlined in the MSW contract that is signed upon enrollment. However, if there is a crisis or emergency then students may request a status change.

  • Decisions are made at two times per academic year, in September (for changes beginning in Spring), and in February (for changes beginning in Fall).

  • If a student would like to request a status change, they can complete the degree status change request form with the details of their circumstances by September 15th (for Spring changes) or by February 15th (for Fall changes).

Review and Complete a Status Change Request

  • That there is an emergency or crisis does not guarantee the ability to switch cohorts, but we do consider each situation carefully alongside the existing space and availability.

  • The MSW program is dependent on keeping cohorts intact. Changes in student status have direct ripple effects on other enrolled students because it changes cohort sizes and class sizes. For example, if enough students move from one cohort to another, then it could prevent our ability to offer a course because it falls below the minimum class size allowed at the University.

  • Adding to this challenge is that courses are not available each semester. In many instances if a student does not take a course in a given semester, then they are not able to take it again until one calendar year later. In summary, we prioritize emergency and crisis situations on a case-by-case basis, and factor in disruptions to cohorts and class sizes when making decisions.