Minor in Social Work

Minor Description

Some students may find the minor in social work to be an attractive and interesting enhancement to their major course of study. The minor in social work requires 18 semester hours (SOWK 1350, 2375, 4355, and 9 semester hours of social work electives).

Students who minor in social work learn a great deal about our society: its problems, its values, and its responses to needs. Students are better informed as citizens, and they are prepared to work intelligently to make our society better. The social work minor, however, does not prepare students to be professional social workers or to seek state licensure as social workers.


Minors take:
SOWK 1350: Introduction to Social Work, which introduces them to the broad range of social work practice. They learn the history, scope and values of social work.

Students also take 2375: Social Services in the Community, this course helps students understand the organization and policies that deliver social services. An exciting part of this class is that students work 50 hours as a volunteer in selected agencies, under supervision.

SOWK 4355 Policy Practice, which helps them get an overview of social policy and legislation.


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