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Office of Field Education


The Office of Field Education at Texas State University School of Social Work coordinates all Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) foundation and advanced practice field internships.  Students are not expected to secure their own internships and are not encouraged to reach out to partner agencies.  The Office of Field Education secures all agency placements for social work students. We place students in many states and countries where social service agencies are available. 


All eligible students are required to apply for their field education internship through an application process. Information sessions are held at the beginning of every semester to provide guidance regarding field education, answer frequently asked questions, and review available field placement options for students.


Students will be notified the semester before their intended practicum to begin the field application process.  During this planning time, information sessions are held, applications for the field are processed, pre-placement interviews are conducted, and students are referred to agency interviews.  Students are assigned a Field Advisor to guide the field education process for every student.  All students must complete a mandatory field education orientation prior to beginning their field internship.


Field Education consists of two courses taken concurrently, the experiential field practicum and the integrative seminar. Field internships are available to begin in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Full-time students complete one block placement approximately over a 15 week semester.  Part-time students will complete field internships over two semesters.


The field education courses are as follows:


BSW Field (Full-Time) 

SOWK 4374 - 3 credit hours/ Integrative Seminar 

SOWK 4975 - 9 credit hours/ 420 Contact Hours 


MSW Foundation Field (Full-Time)

SOWK 5376 - 3 credit hours/ Integrative Seminar

SOWK 5577 - 5 credit hours /360 Contact Hours


MSW Foundation Field (Part-Time)

SOWK 5376 & 5111 - 4 credit hours/ 180 Contact Hours (PT ONLY)

SOWK 5411 - 4 credit hours/ 180 Contact Hours (PT ONLY)


MSW Advanced Field (Full-Time)

SOWK 5378 - 3 credit hours/ Integrative Seminar

SOWK 5979 - 9 credit hours/ 540 Contact Hours 


MSW Advanced Field (Part-Time)

SOWK 5378 & 5379 - 6 credit hours / 270 Contact Hours (PT ONLY)

SOWK 5679 - 6 credit hours/ 270 Contact Hours (PT ONLY)


Field Education is an exciting time for students and agency partners alike. The path to becoming a social work professional starts in the field placement where students realize their career options. If you have additional questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions and the Field Education Handbook for Student Interns & Field Instructors.


We look forward to working with you! 

Contact Us

For general Field Education inquiries, please contact:

Mr. R. Stephen Medel, LMSW.
Director of Field Education
(512) 245-2592 or


Ms. Lindsey Anderson, LMSW.
Field Liaison / MSW Field Coordinator
(512) 245-2592 or


Ms. Brittany Bacak, LCSW
Field Liaison / BSW Field Coordinator
(512) 245-2592 or


Mr. Richard Brooks, LMSW
Field Liaison


Dr. Rosalva Washington, LMSW.
Field Liaison