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Child Welfare Partnership Honorarium for Guest Lectures Initiative

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Partnership is excited to announce the Honorarium for Guest Lectures Initiative for the 2023-2024 contract year. 

What is the Honorarium for Guest Lectures Initiative? 

  • One of the goals of the Title IV-E CWP program is to provide Social Work faculty and staff with opportunities to infuse child welfare content into social work curriculum and promote research efforts in foster care and adoption. 
  • As such, the Title IV-E CWP program is implementing a new initiative to support Social Work faculty who want to invite guest speakers who are not currently employed by Texas State University to speak to their class on Title IV-E child welfare related topics.
  • The CWP program has budgeted $2000 towards this initiative for the 2023-2024 academic year, with the goal to provide a $200 honorarium for each guest speaker. However, this amount is negotiable. Bring us your ideas to discuss!
  • Social Work Faculty are responsible for identifying a professional who is not currently working at Texas State University to provide a guest lecture on a Title IV-E eligible training topic. As guest lectures are provided, the Title IV-E CWP Team will keep a running list of guest lecturers and topics for the future. 

I'm a faculty member with the School of Social Work and I want to take advantage of this opportunity! What steps do I take?

  1. Once the faculty member identifies a guest lecturer, they should notify the CWP team by emailing Martha Wildberger at and completing the Qualtrics survey ( at least two weeks prior to the anticipated guest lecture. The Qualtrics survey will ask for specific information about the course, the faculty requesting the guest lecture, the name and contact information of the guest lecturer, and information about the guest lecture (title, brief summary, and checklist identifying which Title IV-E topics will be covered in the guest lecture). 
  2. CWP Staff will notify faculty of approval via email, and will then work directly with the guest lecturer to set up paperwork for the honorarium. It is anticipated that the honorarium will be paid within three weeks of the lecture. 

What topics are considered Title IV-E eligible?

Title IV-E allowable training topics are related to working with children and families, and are focused on case management skills rather than training on how to deliver a service or treatment. Below are examples of some Title IV-E topics, and a detailed list of eligible topics is available in the Qualtrics survey:

  • Child Well-Being
  • Resilience
  • Mental Health
  • Trauma
  • Cultural Competency
  • Child Development
  • Substance Abuse
  • Effects of Separation and Loss
  • Communication skills
  • Relational Competence          
  • Domestic Violence
  • Impact of abuse/neglect

Reach out to Martha Wildberger at

New Title IV-E Child Welfare Partnership Participants - Fall 2023

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Partnership program is excited to welcome eleven new participants in the program in Fall 2023! Two of the new participants are BSW students who will be completing their final field placement at Child Protective Services (CPS) in San Antonio this fall and will start working as CPS Conservatorship caseworkers after they graduate with their BSW degree in December 2023. The other nine new participants are current child welfare employees who started the MSW program at Texas State in August 2023. These employees will continue to work full-time and serve the children and families of Texas while completing their MSW degree part-time. 

Welcome aboard to all of our new participants!

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